Singapore Grand Prix

Last weekend was the Singapore Grand Prix and what makes it 1000 times cooler is the fact that it is the only Formula 1 night racing in the world! It was so exciting, not only was the whole city crowded and buzzing with excitement, it was also a major tourist attraction for many Europeans (since Formula 1 is mainly a European sport) as well as for other neighboring countries. The Grand Prix was for 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) practice races began Friday night, we even got to see the BMW practice races from work – we could see a very small piece of the race course.

Singapore Grand Prix

I didn’t realize this but the hotel I was staying at was right in the middle of all the action since it was one of the main hotels on the track. Of course I got a room on the exact opposite side of the track (the rooms directly on the track course were like 4 times the price) but I did get to go to the bar on the 71st floor overlooking a major part of the track – it was beautiful!!! Also, Mariah Carey performed and I got to hear her concert through my hotel balcony…holla! I heard at breakfast the next day that she couldn’t handle the heat because apparently she’s 4 months pregnant even though the concert was at midnight. Lol I definitely don’t blame her, it’s always HOT in Singapore!

Singapore Grand Prix

Other funny/interesting things I’ve noticed or heard about

The Dim Sum Dollies are quite the rage over here (I think just the name is hilarious). They are a group of 3 singing women who sing through a very light hearted almost comical way to reach out to the public on various issues. Thier latest stint is the “Love your ride” one where through thier song they educate people on how to ride public transportation efficiently (giving up your seat to elders and pregnant ladies, letting people off the traing or bus before trying to jam in etc). A short version of the song is played EVERY time the train is approaching… which if you take the train a lot it really gets stuck in your head…

Singapore Grand Prix

They have cute little carry bags for drinks, I thought these were adorable

Singapore Grand Prix

There are NO mosquitos here! Singapore has eradicated malaria which is amazing for a tropical country! But since many neighboring countries haven’t done that yet they keep a really tight control over the cases that do occur here. I understand eradicating a disease by careful control but it’s just baffling/crazy how the country can keep out mosquitos altogether!

There are Mega Macs here (a double Big Mac) how gluttonous…I didn’t actually take this picture since I didn’t have the Big Mac but man that just looks ridiculous!



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  1. Hey Bean! So fun! Did you take the rest of the photos? The night time picture is incredible. What an adventure, I wish I could visit you at the snap of my fingers!


  2. Leena says:

    Yes, I did take the rest of the pictures! I love the night one too. Plan a trip soon!


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