Delhi in a flash

I didn’t have too much free time in Delhi this time but I still got to check out a few things. I love exploring new shopping areas so this time I checked out Greater Kailesh I (GK) market also known as M Block. I loved this area with it’s tree lined streets and cute boutique shops. I would highly recommed this place especially if you have a few hours to just walk around since it’s not a huge area (unlike Karol Bagh which takes me forever to navigate). The variety of shops has something for everyone from cheap fake jewellery from Rs. 20 ($0.40) to designer Satya Paul saris for Rs. 50,000 ($1,000 USD). The area also has lots of street snacks, restaurants and pubs/bars. It was a great relaxing shopping experience to just stroll around and see what was out there!

The Karol Bagh market on the other hand is an intense shopping experience. The general area is much bigger and the streets are packed with people, cars and food stalls. Absolutely no room to walk but still a lot of fun! I usually go to this area for traditional Indian clothes like saris and lehngas since the prices are much cheaper even if the stores have outlets in other parts of Delhi. It’s so addicting to see all the pretty clothes that I always end up buying something(s) even if I know I don’t need it!

And of course what is a trip to India without some delicious food? I had many great meals but the Gujrati thali I had was different than what I’ve had in a long time.

From left to right: Dry spicy potatoes, Matki usal (lentils), Paneer (yummy goodness), Some vegetable I forgot the name of, Dal (which was sweeter than usual but so tasty) and sweet Kadhi (chickpea/yogurt based dish). The three chutneys were mint, tamarind and garlic and the circle ends with fresh cucumber/tomato and some red onion.

In the middle was puran poli which is actually a Marathi dish. It is a roti filled with jaggery and topped with lots of ghee. While eating this, I had a revelation that I actually liked ghee, but by the end I had so much of it that I’m back to my original stance of not liking it. Also in the middle were some regular rotis, spicy kachoris (fried dough filled with lentils, spices and ginger) and dhoklas (a dish made from chick pea flour and has a spongy type consistency) although you can’t see them because they are covered by the papad.

Later came some kichidi (a dish made from rice and lentils) and dessert was gajar halwa (grated carrots mixed with ghee and sugar) which you can barely see in the picture. Usually thalis mean unlimited amounts of food but I could barely finish just one round let alone take seconds! All this cost us $4USD. Amazing.

Last but not least, I got to fly out of the new Terminal at the new airport in Delhi. The new airport is so nice, really refreshing to see a world class airport in India. It’s clean, plenty of duty free shops and restaurants and beautiful art everywhere including this sculpture representing the Surya (sun) god made by Satish Gupta, a famous Indian artist.

The sculpture represents everything to do with time; there are 24 discs in the back representing the 24 hours in the day, the two earrings represent summer and winter, the lightening bolts on the crown represent 12 months of the year.

Hope to be back in Delhi for a proper visit soon!


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