Things I Love About Singapore

Shop houses.

I love the beautiful shop houses. Especially when they are painted in pretty colors. They can be found all over town and house boutiques, restaurants and some are even cute little apartments!

Things I Love About Singapore


It is no secret Singapore is internationally renowed for it’s food. I’ve had a great time exploring the different dishes from Chicken Rice to Laksa and Fried Kway Teow. Other fun things are the fresh fruit and vegetables found in the super markets. I love being able to get Indian Alphonso mangoes during mango season, 8 different types of brinjal and eggplants from Mustafa Centre and countless other varieties of regional and global produce. Check out my other food posts!/2012/05/rainbow-xiao-long-bao.html!/2011/07/food-part-2.html!/2011/01/food.html

Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines.

Singapore is an international hub strategically located within 2 -3 hours of most South East Asian cities + Hong Kong and Taiwan. Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines make the dream team for any frequent flier. Singapore Airlines has great service and has lived up to the brand name every time I’ve flown. Changi is one of the best airports in the world that is efficient and hassle free. I can pretty much get to the airport 1.5 hours before my flight and can still check in, go through immigration, have dinner and still have time left over. The airport is great for transiting travelers as well. Movie theater? Check. Rooftop swimming pool? Check. 4 story slide? Check. What’s not to love?

Terminal 3 @ Changi
Terminal 3 @ Changi

Innovative Architecture.

There is always something new being built but the latest attraction has been the Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino. The hotel has 3 towers with 1000 rooms and an incredible infinity pool at the top with breaktaking views of the Singapore skyline. And it has a casino, ice skaing rink, celebrity chef restaurants by Wolfgang Puck and Mario Batali…the list goes on! I’m excited for the Super Trees and the new botanical garden which will be open soon! 

Glitz and Glamour.

Glitz and Glamour. One word to describe Singapore is Glamarous. Everything is clean and new and everyone always has the latest gadgets and brands. It’s no surprise Singapore is home to some of the richest people in the world (that and the tax rates are incredibly low!) and home to the some of the best quality gold in the world.

Champagne brunches? No big deal. This one is the Pink brunch at Swissotel.
Champagne brunches? No big deal. This one is the Pink brunch at Swissotel.
Gold coins. Ever seen so much pure gold at once?!
Gold coins. Ever seen so much pure gold at once?!

Mustafa Centre.

This place is a tourist atraction in itself and gives a different meaning to the meaning “hypermarket.” Locals say “If you can’t find it in Mustafa…you can’t find in Singapore.” This place has everything from designer watches, gold jewellery and perfumes to towels, screwdrivers and electronics as well as it’s own fresh produce, meat and dairy section with selections from all over the world. Housed in 2 sections (old and new) it has 7 dizzying floors packed to the brim with anything and everything. It even has it’s own travel agency, pharmacy, post office, money exchanger and rooftop restaurant. Open 24/7 but just come anyday EXCEPT on a Sunday!  

Sentosa Beach.

It’s no Phi Phi or Boracay but still not a bad place to relax on a Sunday afternoon. Other attractions on Sentosa island include the Universal Studios and Songs of the Sea light show.


Singapore has public holidays for the major Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Muslim holidays as well as Chinese New Year and National Holidays. But one of my favorite things has been being able to celebrate Diwali (Hindu festival of lights) again. It is great to see Little India lighted up during the festival, be able to dress up, have some sweets and have the day off!


This is one of my favorite Chinatowns. It is clean and well laid out. It is probably more touristy than other Chinatowns but it has a great atmosphere. The small streets are lined with cheap souveniers and food stalls and plenty of dim sum restaurants around as well. Close to Chinatown is also the Buddha relic temple which is a great place to visit especially during prayer time.


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