Singapore Food – Part 3

Fried Kway Teow
This has probably replaced Chicken Rice as my favorite food here. The dish is made with flat noodles and stir fried in soy sauce, chilli and egg. It also has cockles, bean sprouts, Chinese sausage and fishcakes. The dish is usually topped with chives. Usually from $3-6 SGD at hawker stalls. Yummm
Food - Part 3

Fried Carrot Cake
Actually this dish doesn’t have any carrots in them at all but instead is made with radishes and eggs. The radish is also known as a “white carrot” hence the name carrot cake. The radish is grated or chopped into peices and mixed with rice flour. After water is added to make it into a paste and poured into a woke. It is then cut into peices again, stir fried with eggs, diced garlic and spring onions and served with a chili saurce. Each portion has a lot of eggs in it so best to share this dish! Usually found in hawker centers from $3-5 SGD.
Food - Part 3

Vadas are donut type fried savory snack and are made from gram flour and lentils. Usually vadas are served plain so that’s why when I saw these different flavors I had to try them. And that too for so cheap! (10 pieces for $2). I tried chili crab vada, fish vada and chicken vada. Overall it tasted great, and the texture of the vada plus the texture of the meat made a great combo
Food - Part 3

Portuguese egg tarts
These are different than regular egg tarts since they are more custardy and have a creme brulee-esqe consistency in the middle. Mostly because the egg tarts have evolved from a Portugese custard pastry. They are super heavy though so one or even half is enough! These can be found at a lot of places, but I usually have them when I go to People’s Park in Chinatown.
Food - Part 3

Three Egg Loaf
I had this at Paradise Dynasty in Ion Orchard. Definitely something I’ve never tasted before. It is 3 types of eggs – egg white on the top, salted egg yolk on the outer bottom and century egg bottom inner side. The century egg is basically a preserved egg, through a process the egg white becomes a dark brown and the yolk becomes a gray color. More than the taste, the color gets to me.. I don’t like gray eggs!

Food - Part 3

Onde Onde
Malaysian dessert (also Indonesian I think) is made from glutinous rice and filled with palm sugar and covered in coconut. The dish is great because when you bite into it the palm sugar bursts in your mouth and combined with the chewy rice dough and texture of the coconut, it is to die for!
Food - Part 3


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