30 Before 30 – The Travel List

I love lists. Making them, using them and especially crossing things off. So when I heard about the 30 before 30 travel challenge a few years ago, I decided this was the perfect one for me since I knew I would be able to make it without any stress (I was already around my twentieth country) and it would be a fun experience working towards something and being able to hit a milestone.

The challenge is simple – visit thirty countries before the age of thirty, you make your own rules (for example you can decide whether Wales or Scotland count as countries, how many days you want to stay in each place etc.) and really the purpose for me was just to explore and have fun. But along the way I ended up learning a thing or two about myself (good and bad!), seeing how other people live, questioning what really is important to me and what I want to achieve in life. So now that I’ve completed the challenge, my focus is more on going back to some of the countries I could only do weekend trips in to better understand the social and cultural aspects, really see how people live and experience some of the local lifestyles and of course still explore new countries! It’s been a great and humbling experience to be able to travel to so many places at such a young age, and I’m excited to keep having new adventures!!


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  1. Prakash says:

    This great. Keep it up.


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