Seattle – Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

I first went to the glass museum in 2012 and left in awe of the beautiful peices in the well thoughout exhibits. I’ve since gone back and although the exhibit hasn’t changed, I’ve enjoyed it just as much the second time. The museum is a beautiful collection of Washington native Dale Chihuly, a globally celebrated glass artist. Not only in the detail of the work and color in each his peices incredible but the structural engineering that must go into the work, especially the hanging peices is mind blowing. I like recommending this place since it is a unique cultural experience, gives visitors a bit more local flavor of Seattle (than just seeing Pike Place and the first Starbucks :D) and at the same time showcases a very talented local artist. But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself if you’re in the Seattle area! Ticket prices vary from $18+ but if you’re doing the Space Needle, a combo ticket is available to save some money.

A few taster peices from the exhibit, come see the rest for yourself!

The Persian Ceiling. My favorite. First exhibited in 1992 at the opening of the Seattle Art Museum.
Mille Fiori – Italian for 1000 flowers. First exhibited in 2003.
Macchia Forest. Began in 1981 with the desire to use all 300 colors avaialble to him
Ikebana and Float Boats. Origins in Finland around 1995. Inspired by a trip to the Japanese island of Nilijima and childhood memories of beaches along the Puget Sound
185 foot Sealife Towre evolved from Chihuly’s desire to present sculptures that could not withstand the weight of Chandeliers. The tower has all types of sealife; starfish, octopus, conch shells, urchins and manta rays.
And of course a shot of hanging autumn flowers with the iconic Space Needle in the background.

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