Just for fun – Roy G. Biv in travel adventures

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “ROY G. BIV.”

Since I’m in a throwback kind of mood these days, I decided to look through old photos for the theme and focus on one color for each photo. These are taken all over the world with a lot of memories attached to them!

Intricate door at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh
Blue details on an intricate door in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Quiet spot in Ayutthaya, Thailand
Orange ribbons at a quiet spot in Ayutthaya, Thailand
Mosaic details in Istanbul, Turkey
Red mosaic details in Istanbul, Turkey
Rice terraces in Bali, Indonesia
Green rice terraces in Bali, Indonesia
 Purple wisteria in Seville, Spain
Tram car in Lisbon, Portugal
Yellow tram in Lisbon, Portugal
Indigo steps in Seville, Spain
Indigo steps in Sevilla, Spain

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