The best of both worlds

Just got back from 2 awesome weeks at home. It was much needed after being away for 7 months. As I was sitting on the long journey back to Singapore I was thinking of what I liked most about the two very different places

Things I miss about Seattle

1. Home in general – like homemade food, my bed and the familiarity of a place you’ve known for so long
2. Friends and Family and all the important days/events I miss
3. Driving
4. Clothes from a dryer. I am so tired of air dried clothes! (Who likes a crunchy towel anyways?)
5. Cheap clothes shopping and impulse buying (love the return policies :X)
6. Cheap food and drinks – like unlimited Coke refills!
7. Non humid weather and seasons in general

Things I love about Singapore

1. The fact that I never have to wear more than a light sweater
2. Fresh, cheap, ORGANIC local food (love the hawker food!) and yummy fruit juices always readily available
3. Easy access to many countries for travel. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines are all within 2 hours away by plane! So many places to see and the best part is being able to do them on weekend trips.
4. Meeting new people from all over the world
5. The evenings/nights because of the cooler weather and breeze & because there are so many things open late into the night or 24 hours!
6. The fact that is always summer
7. Warm rain


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